Installing Citrix MP on the OBM management server

Run the installation of the Citrix MP on the OBM management server.

  1. Log in to the OBM management server as administrator.
  2. Mount the Citrix MP installation ISO image or extract the content of the ZIP file to the installation depot (<InstallDepot>).
  1. In the command-line console, run the following command:

On Windows: "<OvInstallDir>\nonOV\perl\a\bin\perl.exe" "<InstallDepot>\CTXMPi_ noimport"

On Linux: # <InstallDepot>/ noimport

Follow the prompts and provide the username and password that you use to log in to the OBM management server. If you have a configured HTTPS server, grant the certificate when prompted by clicking y.

Important If your distributed environment contains more than one Gateway server, run this command on every Gateway server system.

  1. Log in to the OBM Administration Console as administrator.
  1. Import the RTSM package:
  1. Switch to the Package Manager (Administration > RTSM Administration > Package Manager).
  1. Click Deploy packages to server (from local disk).
  2. In the Deploy Packages to Server window, click Add.
  3. Navigate to the Citrix MP installation depot, select the package, and then click Open.
  1. In the Deploy Packages to Server window, click select the package and then click Deploy.
  1. In the Status Report window, click OK.
  1. Import the Content Pack:
  • Switch to the Content Packs View (Administration > Setup and Maintenance > Content Packs).
  • Click Import Content Pack Definitions and Content...
  • In the Import Content Pack window, click Choose File, navigate to the Citrix MP installation depot, then select the, and then click Import.
  1. In the Result window, click Close.
  1. Import the Workspaces:
  • Connect to the OMi Gateway server.

n Note If you use more than one Gateway servers and load balancing, you need to perform this procedure just on one of them.

  • Copy all files from the following location:

On Linux:

From: /var/opt/OV/shared/SPI-Share/ctxspi/ws to /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/toload/Pages

On Windows:

From: %ProgramData%\HP\HPBTOSoftware\shared\SPIShare\ctxspi\ws to %TOPAZ_HOME%\conf\uimashup\import\toload\Pages

  • Go to OBM jmx console ( http://<Gateway>:29000) and log in by using the jmxconsole credentials.

Note By default, remote access to jmx-console is blocked. If it needs to be enabled do so via Infrastructure Settings > context"Security".

  • In the Foundations section, click the Foundations:service=UIMDataLoader link.
  • Search for the boolean loadAllData section, then specify value 1 for customer ID, and then click Invoke
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