Assigning Citrix config policies to management server

Assign Citrix configuration policies to the management server and configure a Citrix MP user account with permissions to access Citrix functionality. You should assign the available configuration policy templates depending on your environment:

  1. Log in to the OMi Administration Console as administrator
  2. Switch to the Node Views by selecting Administration -> Setup and Maintenance -> Monitored Nodes
  3. Expand Predefined Node Filters and then click Monitored Nodes. A list of the managed nodes added to this management server displays in the All Nodes pane
  4. Right-click the management server node and then select List Assignments for Selected Item...
  5. In the Assignments window, click the New Assignments... icon and then select one of the following:
    • If your environment includes all Citrix components supported with Citrix MP (XAXD, StoreFront, Machine Agent), select Assign Management Template...
    • If your environment does not include all Citrix components supported with Citrix MP (XAXD, StoreFront, Machine Agent), select Assign Policy Template...

NOTE: License Server does not require specific configuration. Depending on your selection, an Assign and Deploy wizard starts.

  1. If you want to assign the configuration management template, select Citrix Configuration. If you want to assign policy templates for specific Citrix component, select the following policy templates:
    • For StoreFront: CTX-SFConfig
    • For XenApp/XenDesktop: CTX-XAXDConfig
    • For Machine Agent: CTX-XAXDMAConfig, CTX-XAXDComputerConfig, and CTX-XAXDConfig

NOTE: You will assign each policy template separately. Click Next.

  1. In the Assign and Deploy wizard for management template or policy template, provide the following configuration settings for accessing and monitoring Citrix environment:
    • StoreFront: Store name and user account that can log in to the store web (you can use wildcards). It is recommended that user account has at least one application or desktop assigned
    • XAXD: XenApp/XenDesktop site name, the site administrator account with the Log on as a service right, and the Citrix Director URL
    • XAXD computers: Delivery Controller hostnames and local administrator accounts on these systems (use a comma as a delimiter, for example, DC1,DC2,DC3), virtual machines hostnames (you can use wildcards to specify hostnames, for example, XADC1-*.domain.local), virtual machines administrator accounts
    • XAXD Machine Agent: hostname of the system where the Citrix MP Machine Agent will be installed and the list of Delivery Controllers (use a comma as a delimiter, for example, DC1,DC2,DC3) that you want to monitor with the Machine Agent (that the Machine Agent will connect to)

Click Next.

  1. In the Parameter Summary window, review the specified parameters, make sure that the Enable Assignment(s) option is selected, and then click Finish
  2. After the deployment runs successfully, click OK in the Summary window

The CTX_Config.json configuration file is created in the following directory:

  • On Linux: /var/opt/OV/shared/SPI-Share/ctxspi/conf
  • On Windows: <ProgramData>\HP\HP BTO Software\shared\SPI-Share\ctxspi\conf
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