How to assign Citrix Management templates

Assign the Citrix specific management templates to the nodes that will be monitored with the Citrix MP.

  1. Log in to the OMi Administration Console as Administrator
  2. Switch to the Configuration Folders by selecting Administration -> Monitoring -> Management Templates and Aspects.
  3. Expand Citrix Management and then click Management Templates. A list of the installed Citrix MP management templates displays in the Management Templates and Aspects pane. The following Citrix templates are available:
    • Citrix License Server Essential
    • Citrix License Server Extensive
    • Citrix StoreFront Essential
    • Citrix StoreFront Extensive
    • Citrix XAXD Machine Agent Essential
    • Citrix XAXD Machine Agent Extensive
    • Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Essential
    • Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Extensive
  1. Right-click a template that you want to deploy to the managed node and then select Assign and Deploy Item...
  2. In the Assign and Deploy window, select one or more nodes, to which you want to assign the selected template, and then click Next. When deploying management templates to the managed nodes, follow guidelines:
    • Deploy XAXD Machine Agent specific templates to the dedicated managed nodes, from which you want to monitor Citrix virtual machines.
    • Deploy XenApp/XenDesktop and StoreFront related templates to the managed nodes with the respective environment.
    • Deploy License Server related templates to the managed node where the Citrix License Server resides
  1. In the Parameter Summary page, view the available parameters. You can leave the default values or change them to better suit your environment needs. Click Next.
  2. In the Configure Options page make sure that the Enable Assignment(s) option is selected. Click Finish.

The template is assigned to the selected managed nodes. Perform this procedure for each template that you want to assign. You can assign different sets of templates to different nodes.

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