Forcing BigIP MP to use basic authentication

Product: F5 BIG-IP Management Pack

Issue: F5 BIG-IP unavailable for monitoring from time to time after BIG-IP Updates


Cutomers are observing an issue wih token authentication on BigIPs, after updating BigIP devices.BigIPDevice-awailabilityIssues.png

By investigating we discovered the issue is due to an update for BIG-IP devices

Versions with issues (current list):

F5 changed the response type of an expired token. F5 MP will be updated in next releases to mitigate this unannounced changes. 



 The solution here is to change token-based authentication to basic authentication.


Installation and configuration steps:

  1. Go to the Management Server with "HYCU SCOM Data Collector for F5 BIG-IP" service installed
  2. In Registry editor search for: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Comtrade\BIG-IP MP 
  3. Set the registry key ForceBasicAuthentication to 1
  4. Restart "HYCU SCOM Data Collector for F5 BIG-IP" service .mceclip1.png

NOTE: These steps need to be done on ALL servers with "HYCU SCOM Data Collector for F5 BIG-IP" service installed.




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