Identify Citrix VDI Storage Latency Issues

The latest version of HYCU’s SCOM MP for Nutanix has introduced a brand new feature called Nutanix-Citrix SuperPack that is described in the blog post What Is Nutanix-Citrix SCOM SuperPack.
Let’s now demonstrate the value on use case by showing how the potential root cause for Citrix VDI storage latency can be instantly identified by using Citrix Delivery Groups and Nutanix Resources dashboard available in Nutanix-Citrix SuperPack. In case of Citrix storage issues, VDI users experience a decrease of Citrix QoS. That is shown in slow response time of VDI applications, VDI desktops, etc.
This scenario will use information collected by Citrix SCOM Management Pack for XenApp/XenDesktop and HYCU SCOM MP for Nutanix, which will show the importance of connecting the dots together in SCOM. Using information from Citrix and from Nutanix domains empowers IT specialists to investigate, troubleshoot and consequently, speed up the resolution of Citrix performance issues on Nutanix by utilizing all information available inside SCOM.



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