If one or more F5 BIG-IP devices are not discovered by SCOM

One or more F5 BIG-IP devices are not visible on the Administration -> Network Management -> Network Devices view. 

The thing that should be created on the F5 BIG-IP side is the SNMP community string:

  1. Log in into BIG-IP GUI
  2. Navigate to System -> SNMP -> Agent -> Access (v1, v2c)
  3. Enter community string
  4. Click on Create and save configuration changes
  5. Repeat these steps for all members (SCOM management servers) of the dedicated resource pool

The steps that should be performed on the SCOM side are:

This is an example scenario for discovering the F5 BIG-IP device on SCOM 2012 server.

Go to Administration -> Network Management -> Discovery Rules and start the Network Devices Discovery Wizard to create a discovery rule.

  1. Under General Properties, choose a discovery server and a resource pool (user-created) to be used for this purpose.
  2. Select discovery type, for example, Explicit discovery.
  3. Create an SNMP run as account. On Default Accounts wizard page, click on Create Account button. In Create Run As Account Wizard enter the community string that is set in the BIG-IP.
  4. On the Device page, add each BIG-IP device that should be monitored and associate it with appropriate SNMP run as account created in the previous step. As SNMP version select, for example, v1 or v2.
  5. Set the time to run the discovery rule or choose to run it manually.
  6. Confirm that settings are correct.
  7. Finally, after network discovery rule is run, devices should be visible after some time under two locations:

Monitoring -> Network Monitoring -> Network Devices

Administration -> Network Management -> Network Devices


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